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Our T&C's are standard and clear to make it easy for you. It is probably the best offer in Sydney. You will get not only high quality music lessons but also the most suitable instrument. Our teaching artists are then fully responsible for your progress and satisfaction. Our music school and viola, cello & violin shop -  is designed to help our students develop their skills quickly. This is the core of our serivece. 

The hirer must agree to these terms and conditions before renting the instrument.

1) I agree to rent the instrument rom Strings Embassy and I agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2) The terms of this agreement will continue from the date that I take possession of the instrument until the agreement is terminated by either party acting in accordance with this agreement.

3) Strings Embassy will deal in accordance with the Australian Policy Principles.

4) I agere to ust the instrument for the purposes for which it was designed, the instrument remains the property of Strings Embassy at all times. I agree not to part with possession of the instrument or not to give another person any interest in or right to the instrument.

3) I must use the goods carefully and properly and must keep the goods in good working order and condition. I must operate and maintain the goods according to instructions given by Strings Embassy representatives and shall not allow any person to modify the instrument in any way. In the event that the instrument develops a fault this should be reported and returned to Strings Embassy, at my cost. Strings Embassy will make arrangements to repair the instrument at our cost where any fault has not arisen from your wilful neglect or from damage. I shall not allow any repair alteration modification or replacement of component parts to be effected other than by the Our accredited representative.

4) I am required to pay rentals in advance starting from the day I take possession of the instrument until the instrument is returned.

5) We Strings Embassy will automatically debit the scheduled payment from your authorized credit card at the beginning of each rental term. The hirer's credit card details will be stored securely by "Square" in accordance with privacy laws and will be used for the sole purpose of charging any amount as it falls due.

 If the scheduled payment is declined for any reason, I will be charged an additional dishonouring fee of $5. If the scheduled payment is unable to be processedIf after 7 days, a further $5 will be charged then, and every 7 days untill the full amount will be paid. If we will be unable to take the payment and won't get updated card details, the whole amount will be forwarded to debt collection agency. In addition to rental payments and the full instrument replacement cost, I will be responsible for all charges and costs that Strings Embassy incure in seeking to enforce this agreement.

7) We agree to maintain the instrument for normal wear and tear, as well as accidental damage (if claimable pursuant to Our insurance), during the rental period. You are responsible for the cost of all other maintenance and repair work, and the cost of replacement of consumable items such as reeds, cleaners, lubricants and strings.

8) I must immediately tell Strings Embassy if the instrument is damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed.

If the instrument is damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed. I  must pay Strings Embassy the cost of such damage or the Termination Value of the instrument as directed by Us within seven (7) days of receiving an invoice from Us, we reserve the right to charge the hirer for the full replacement cost of the instrument.

9) I will receive back the full deposit if the instrument is returned in a condition thet doesn't require any repairs as a result of hire, otherwise the appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit. To receive back the full deposit all rental payments are processed for the tinstrument rental agreed time.

10) This is not a rent-to-buy program. Strings Embassy offers a limited number of hand-selected instruments for rental customers. However we offer an option in first 3 months of renting, you can decide to buy a new instrument or the one you are renting and your payments will be credited towards the purchase. This offer is valid only in the first 3 months of renting the instrument.

11) Rental prices are subject to change.

13) I agree to be charged for the rentals on a agreed basis in the amounts and at the times agreed.

14) I must let Strings Embassy know, in writing, within seven days about any change of your address.

15) I have a right to end this agreement by writing to us and giving us at least one month’s notice (30 days). In addition to your rights you have the right to end this agreement provided that you have paid us at least three Monthly Rentals or One Quarlerly Rental and that the goods are returned to us in sound condition at Strings Embassy and that payments due to us under this agreement at the date that goods are returned are up to date.

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