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           Our teaching artist hub focuses on quality lessons provided by artists that are also a performers.

Our teaching artists are getting a fair hourly rate that is regulated by Music Teachers' Association of NSW:



We will show you how to practise to use every minute of your time to a maximum.


We will show you how and why to hold the instrument and bow properly.

We will find the right exercises so you can enjoy the progress and we will find an amazing program for you.

We will find you right instrument, bow, shoulder and chin rest as it can help a lot. 

We will prepare you for any audition, exam, international or national competition.

Strings Embassy program is based on international violin traditions, mostly European. We know many different teaching programs and we study them constantly. 

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How does it work?


  • Contact us and we will organise an intro lesson.

  • Intro lesson is 45 minutes where you get 15 minutes for free.


  • After the intro lesson, we will plan weekly lessons and practise sessions until the end of the term.

  • We will send you an invoice.

  • To confirm your participation and to schedule weekly sessions for you we require your upfront payment.

  • After you transfer the funds to book the lessons and practise sessions we will contact you and discuss the best day and time and schedule the lessons. 

Prices and the Cancellation policy 

Violin Viola and Cello Practice Session

Intro Lesson (free 15 min) 45min - $66

Regular sessions:

30 min          $66

45 min          $88

60 min          $110

  • Prices are GST inclusive.

  • Practice sessions prices are subject to change and are varying between teaching artists.

  • We accept Creative Kids Voucher.

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  • Our professional practise sessions and lessons once booked are not subject to change.

  • Please book carefully.

  • We will book our time for you and please make sure that you are there on time.

  • Once the lessons are booked and confirmed by a bank transfer, we will send you a calendar invitation for all the lessons booked.

  • We will not refund if you will not come for a lesson however, we will do our best, to find another suitable time to make up.

  • We will not postpone the fees to the next term if practice sessions and lessons are booked and cancelled.

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